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Birel N 35-X Rock Kart

Birel Rock Kart at Andersen RacePark

Premier Rental Kart:  Birel N 35-X (Rock Kart)

The Birel N 35-X is similar to a competition kart, but designed to be far more durable and reliable (hence the nickname "Rock Kart"). Despite its purpose, it still retains the feel and driving characteristics of a true competition kart. Our karts are each fitted with a 9hp Honda 4 stroke engine, enabling them to reach top speeds of 48 mph at Andersen RacePark. Their setups are maintained to be as equal as possible, ensuring that your experience will be the same no matter which one you get. They are the perfect vehicle for the driver training programs we offer and they're an awful lot of fun too!

Arrive and Drive Rental Programs
16 Years and Older

We run 15 minute sessions at Andersen RacePark, which is the equivalent to about 13 laps or so. All drivers must be registered on our timing and scoring system.

$30 for first 15 minute session
$25 for additional 15 minute sessions

Did you enjoy it and want to come back? Save money with our membership program:

  • First session FREE
  • Complementary session on your birthday, or the week of
  • Buy a “3 Pack” – third session discounted $10
  • Receive a free session for every 10 you complete
  • Andersen RacePark head sock and membership card
  • Discounts for Club Night, Fastest Lap Challenge and Friday Night Fights
  • 10% off on one corporate/private outing

Price: $50 +tax

Minor Licensing Courses
12 to 15 year olds (Rental Karts)
5 to 9 year olds (Kid Kart)

12 to 15 year olds must complete a minor licensing course if they want to take part in regular rental sessions. The course is made up of three 15 minute lapping sessions with an instructor. If the driver comes through it successfully, they will be issued with a license and allowed to take part in regular rental sessions.

5 to 9 year olds will be best fitted to our kid kart. They must also complete a minor licensing course, which involves a braking exercise, followed by a slalom course. From there, drivers will complete a 10 minute lead-follow session with an instructor. If they come through this, they will be issued with a license and allowed to take part in regular kid kart lapping sessions.

Price: $100

*Andersen RacePark reserves the right to decide whether a driver is of a suitable size or condition to drive the karts
**All instruction based courses must be scheduled ahead of time, and most likely, they will not be run during peak hours (weekends and holidays)

For More Information: 941-723-3900 or


One-on-One Coaching:
If you have enjoyed your introduction to karting through our rental sessions, you may be thinking “I want to go faster”. If that is the case, our professional instructors are on hand to help with private coaching. Our instructors all have racing experience (karting and formula cars), and they will concentrate on improving your speed, consistency and overall skill levels.

Track Time: 45 minutes

Price: $125

Driver Clinics:
The clinics are an excellent way to get coaching from our instructors cost effectively. With a minimum of 3 drivers required, instructors will work with the group as a whole, providing feedback in and around all of the on track sessions. The aim: Improve speed, consistency and overall skill.
Track Time: 45 minutes

Price: $85 per driver

*All instruction based courses must be scheduled ahead of time, and most likely, they will not be run during peak hours (weekends and holidays).


Grand Prix Fridays:
During summer hours, Grand Prix Fridays are on the schedule at the RacePark. So, how does it work?

  • 15 minute practice
  • 8 lap pre-final
  • 12 lap final
  • 10 lap shootout(if there are heats)

The Grand Prix will run every Friday, withthe first round being on March 16th, and the final round on November2nd. We may have to miss a Friday or two depending on variables, but we will inform everyone in advance.

Members Price: $59.95 +tax / RegularPrice: $64.95 +tax

Club Night:
Every Wednesday at 5:15pm – Arrive and drive for up to 2 hours. Lapping sessions, altered track configurations and more…
Members Price: $50 + tax / Regular Price: $75 + tax

When Daylights Saving Time ends, we will run Monthly Enduros at the track (November – February). One Sunday a month, the formats will be as follows:

  • Practice: 30 minutes
  • Enduro Challenge: 120 Laps (equivalent to 2 hours) 
Teams of 2 to 4 driver are encouraged to take part. To find out when our next Enduro is scheduled, check with the pro-shop.

Price: $275 + tax, per team

For More Information: 941-723-3900 or

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